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Surround Sound....  

One of the things that makes going to the theater great is the sound of the movie. Bullets fly past your head, cars squeal by, explosions you can feel and subtle sounds all around you. Now you can bring that Surround Sound experience to your home and immerse yourself further into the movie your watching.

We provide the top brands & installation knowledge to complete your home theater system and bring the Surround Sound experience to life, no more listening to your movies from the speakers from your TV, today's receivers offer 5.1 surround sound    (3 front speakers, 2 in the back and a subwoofer for bass) to 7.1 surround sound (this includes an extra speaker in the back) add a new Blue Ray player and you open up a whole new world of sound field options. Call us today for more information on surround sound and hear what your missing.


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