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Hitachi UltraThin 1.5 inch thick Panel




Available in 32" - 37" - 42" - 47"

• Incredibly Thin 1.5" High Design Display Panel
• Black Sapphire Crystal Frame
• 360 Degree High Gloss Finish
• Fanless Ventilation System
• Full HD1080P (1920 x 1080 Resolution)
• 120Hz Panel Speed with Motion Interpolation
• Reel120™ Film De-Judder
• PictureMaster™ HD VI Processor
• 1-HDMI Input and 1RGB Input
• Custom Install Friendly (RS232C Control & Discrete IR codes)
• Optional Audio Video Center with additional inputs and Tuner
• 2 Year Warranty

Only Hitachi delivers the remarkably slim UltraThin 1.5 flat screen LCD. Unlike conventional displays with an average 4" thickness, Hitachi UltraThin 1.5 has a sleek, lightweight 1.5" large screen thin design. The 47" Class Director's Series UT47X902 is the largest of Hitachi's ultimate UltraThin HDTV Monitor Series, featuring a stylish 360 degree high gloss finish with a dramatic Black Sapphire Crystal Frame.

An innovative fanless, computer-inspired ventilation system allows the display panel to attain this remarkable thinness, while the PictureMaster™ HD VI Processor ensures that the innovative slim design doesn't sacrifice Hitachi high performance.

The advanced 47" Class Director's Series display panel features Full HD1080p resolution (1920 x 1080p), the highest resolution picture in HDTV, and the picture is enhanced by 120Hz Panel Speed with Motion Interpolation, a video processing technology that upgrades all signals to 120 frames per second for the clearest, sharpest LCD picture ever.

32" $1,399.00 $1,499.00
37" $2,199.00 $2,299.00
42" $2,499.00 $2,699.00
47" $3,000.00 $3,199.00

Mitsubishi with built in surround sound


Available in 46" - 52"

If you just don’t like the look of speakers scattered all over or have been trying to figure out how to run cables through your walls to set up a surround sound system for your TV or,  just don't want to put holes in your walls, ceilings etc this may be an alternative for you. Mitsubishi’s new 120 Hz LT-series already integrates a surround sound speaker system. The technology consists of a row 16 speakers positioned below the screen in inside the TV casing. which "creates a new immersive audio experience with innovative sound technology that exceeds what is currently being offered on the market.” the technology reproduces true 5.1 surround sound from its speaker cabinet attached. Mitsubishi calls its sound system “Integrated Sound Projector” (iSP), which through the use of an advanced algorithm, the iSP delays the sound varying intervals to each of the 16 speakers.  As a result, the speaker generates 5.1 distinct sound beams that are focused both directly and indirectly to the listener. Mitsubishi offers a  46" (model LT-46149) and the 52" (LT-52149)

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